Dec 032007

Okay, just because I’m not a big fan of Christmas doesn’t mean I’m not a fan of Christmas contests. In fact,’s All I want for Christmas Giveaway pretty much defines (and then solves) my major problem with any gift-giving holiday. Observe-

Yes, Overstock wants to give you and up to five friends exactly what they want for Christmas. Here’s how it works:

  1. Register for (if you’re not already a user)
  2. Search through Overstock’s entire inventory (up to the $1,000 limit) and find the gift you’d really like for Christmas.
  3. Send your request off to the Overstock elves by using their Email a friend link to send your desires to

Every day they’ll give not only one lucky winner the prize of their choice, but they’ll give that prize to the winner’s friend as well! WooHoo!! That’s the best of both giving and receiving!

If you’ve really enjoyed Philaahzophy this year and think we belong on the “nice blogs” list, we could sure use a new bed (hint, hint). If you think we belong on the “naughty blogs” list, then we’d just like our PR bank, Mr. Google 😆

Personally, I’ll be stacking the deck a bit by offering up my clients as my friends to be rewarded (along with Z, of course). That way, when we win, our entire household will get the benefits of our ultimate Christmas present. Hmmm… that still leaves me with one gift to offer up to a blogger of my choice. Anyone interested?

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