Nov 272007

Come on, guys, you know what I’m talking about. At least you do if you’re married, or have a very close friend who’s been married. The wedding day is traditionally 100% about the bride. Guys can easily feel like a third wheel at the most important day in their life. But the folx at the Cheyenne Wedding Mall are taking steps to remedy that situation and get men their due on the “big” day. At least that’s the premise of the wedding article posted to their wedding planning site.

In addition to numerous great articles for the bride or groom planning a wedding, they’ve got a selection of articles for vendors as well, in addition to promotions for online online wedding services, and the most extensive directory of local wedding vendors you’re likely to find compiled in one place. They have local listings for everything from bachelor/bachelorette parties and bridal consultants to legal services (can you say prenup? I knew you could). The site is exceedingly easy on the eyes, well laid out, and supremely easy to navigate. And, if you’re getting married somewhere other than Cheyenne, they’ve got similar sites set up for more than seventy five other cities as well!

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