Nov 272007

My favorite site for discounted city tours, Trusted Tours and Attractions is having a special contest through Friday December 14th – sign up for their newsletter and you could win four tour passes to any of their Trusted Tours cities! With more than a score of travel destinations available, including Key West, FL, San Diego, CA and Savannah, GA, winning this prize could lead to some tough decisions.

I’ve been working out the details of our Christmas road trip, but I know we’ll be heading south, so San Diego is a most definite possibility. With this contest, that possibility just got quite a bit stronger. Of course, the really hard part will be deciding which specific tour to choose! They offer 18 different tours in the greater San Diego area, including the USS Midway and the San Diego Aircraft Carrier Museum (my father flew A6 Intruder’s off the Midway during the Vietnam war) and LegoLand in Carlsbad, CA (which has two roller coaster’s I’ve yet to mark off my list of California coasters). But I think the ones that would excite Z the most would be either the San Diego Haunted Ghost Tour or the San Diego SEALs Harbor Tour.

The 90 minute Haunted Ghost Tour covers the most famous ghost spots in San Diego including the Horton Grand Hotel, Villa Montezuma, and El Campo Santo Cemetery. Z and I are both Halloween and paranormal fans, so this could well be a great hit. of course, we could probably map that tour out ourselves, so we’ll probably end up with the SEALs Harbor Tour which uses amphibious Hydra Terra “buses” to tour the San Diego Harbor area by both land and sea!

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