Nov 272007

The war between Google and PayPerPost continues with bloggers continuing to be caught in the middle. I recently wrote about PPP’s new RealRank alternative to Google’s PageRank and also about Google’s latest hypocrisy. Today I came across what sure smells of hypocrisy from Izea’s Founder/CEO Ted Murphy

RealRank was conceived and introduced before any of this PR upheaval. It wasn’t introduced because people lost their rank, it was introduced to solve an advertising problem. The problem is that PR and traffic have no direct correlation and for that reason it holds no value for advertisers other than SEOs. While we have some advertisers that utilize PPP for SEO that is not our core value proposition. We want advertisers who value the unique content that you create and the influence you represent, not just a link.

Required in-post disclosure and no-follow tags in SocialSpark underscore our commitment to this concept. We are not selling links. We are selling content, creativity and influence. RealRank (and ROIRank) helps us measure the “influence” part of our value equation.

Advertisers buy media based on reach and demographics. That is the data tha RealRank, combined with actual site analytics attempts to provide them. In SocialSpark (and eventually PPP) advertisers will be able to see the information they need to make an informed purchasing decision. Actual stats help them understand the true reach of the blog while RealRank shows the standing of the blog relative to other blogs.

{emphasis mine}

If this is all so true, then why hasn’t PPP done away with segmenting posting opportunities by PageRank yet? And why have they always prohibited nofollow tags on the paid links? And why don’t they start requiring (or at least allowing) nofollow tags now as they reportedly do in SocialSpark?

I’ve been in the top 10% of RealRank users since the rollout last week, but have still received fewer and fewer decent opportunities in that time frame. Meanwhile, any post worth more than $11.00 (and many worth less) are still requiring PRs of 3+ (Philaahzophy’s still listed as a PR2 blog at PPP).

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  1. Honestly I do not see the point in paying for posts. Wouldn’t you rather create content that is unique and integrated with your own thoughts and/or opinions. Just my 2 cents.

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