Nov 272007

Government exists solely to reward its friends while simultaneously punishing its enemies. This was proven once again in Rochester, MN

One month after being rejected, a new smoking ban on public streets in downtown Rochester is almost a reality.

The area smokers can no longer light up could be getting even larger by next summer.

The City Council is calling it a compromise.

The medical no smoking area, proposed by owners of the Kahler Hotel, is not as large as it once was.

Original plans included the entire area around the Kahler Hotel, but the area’s been cut in half and for the city council that seems to be good enough.

You don’t have to look far to find a smoker in downtown Rochester and with a new state ban inside workplaces and a Mayo Clinic ban anywhere on their property, one of the few places left to light up is outside.

Bruce Fairchild with the Kahler Hotel says, “We’ve had a number of guests complain to us about it.”

The cigarette butts outside the Kahler Hotel are proof it’s a smoker hot spot, but it could soon be snuffed out.

The city council is looking favorably at a proposal making smoking illegal on 2nd Avenue Southwest between the Kahler Hotel and Mayo Clinic Gonda Building.

Yep, hotel customers are complaining about cigarette smoke, so the business owners turned immediately to Mommy Government to protect their profits at the expense of individual’s right to the pursuit of happiness. Never mind the fact that the fumes from the passing cars are more likely to cause serious health problems for the hotel guests. Never mind the fact that the “public” in “public property” should apply equally to smokers (who actually pay more taxes then non-smokers). Sick people carry far more weight then smokers do, so the smokers lose out. Again.

If the hotel is truly worried about the health and comfort of their guests then they should buy all of the property around their hotel. Then they could have whatever rules they wanted for visitors to it. As the article points out, the Mayo Clinic has prohibited smoking everywhere on its property. There is no problem there. Private property means private rules. If you don’t like them, move on. But public property is supposed to be for the equal use of all people.

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  1. Yep, you can always could on people to use government to force others to do what they want without any financial loss. That’s what happened in the South pre-1964

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