Nov 242007

Despite not seeing a dentist in more than a decade and having poor dental health habits for nearly four decades my teeth have started to hurt on a regular basis of late 🙄 So, when Biotene offered to send me a free tube of their new toothpaste for sensitive teeth I jumped at the chance.

I’m not exactly sure what the problem with my teeth is, and I’m too broke to pay a dentist to find out, but I’m popping way too much ibuprofen just to fall asleep these days. So when I checked out the Biotene website and discovered their sensitive toothpaste contains the most effective active ingredient for protection against tooth sensitivity, Potassium Nitrate, I had pretty high hopes and expectations. I’ve now been using Biotene for almost two weeks. I’m sad to say that it hasn’t really done me much good. It’s quite possible my pain problems are way too severe, and I certainly don’t suffer from dry mouth, so there’s no help there for me. Still, I’m not saying this stuff is that bad. It has lessened the pain enough for me to fall asleep most nights and it’s pretty good toothpaste overall. It’s got a good taste, seems to whiten well, and still gives me that fresh feeling after I brush. Plus, it doesn’t actually hurt while I’m brushing like other toothpastes do.

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