Nov 232007

After Google smacked the bulk of the Posties to a PageRank zero last week PPP announced that they were going to fast track the release of their PR replacement called RealRank. Unlike Google’s PR. RealRank tracks actual traffic based on a snippet of code that you place on your site. The first public rankings came out Wednesday morning at 2am EST, and they’re updated every 24 hours.

Essentially, bloggers will receive their actual ranking out of all the bloggers currently using the RR snippet, similar to the Technorati ranking number. Meanwhile PPP advertisers will be able to choose what portion of the marketplace they will allow to take their opportunity in 10% steps. So, if an advertiser selects RR2, that will eliminate the bottom 20% of RR ranked bloggers while choosing RR9 would eliminate 90%, leaving only the top 10% of bloggers to take the opp. It’s a great idea… in theory. Only time will tell how well it works out in reality.

As I’m writing this I have a RealRank of 401, putting me in the top 10% of bloggers at PPP. That’s actually pretty frightening in and of itself as I’ve only averaged about 100 visitors per day. In a sense this exposes the real weakness of advertising on PPP. Afterall, would you be willing to shell out $100 for only 100 exposures of your advertisement? Of course, advertisers are still being educated on RR, but thus far I haven’t received any opps that I wouldn’t have received without RR. Most advertisers are still requiring a PageRank and, I have a feeling, they will continue to do so for quite some time.

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