Nov 202007
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The other day I received the following email from Smorty (one of my “paid to write” companies)-


There has been a system error in the last few days and the ads have been served to the wrong blogs. Unfortunately some of our advertisers have declined the duplicated posts. You can delete those declined posts from your blog if you want. We apologize for the inconvenience. Thanks for your support.

Title of declined Post: Checking Back In With Ashop Ecommerce


Please do not reply to this email. This mailbox is not monitored and you will not receive a response. For assistance, log in to your Smorty account and choose the contact us link located in the top menu of any Smorty page.

In other words, I went to the trouble of writing up another post for their advertiser and posted it to the blog for y’all only to have them them refuse to pay me for my work and the advertising I’d done for them. You could say I was irritated, to say the least. It’s not about the money they stole from me, it’s the principle of the thing.

I dutifully logged in to their website to check the offers available, accepted one that they offered it to me, and held up my end of the bargain. Then they backed out of their end of the contract by refusing to pay me what they owed me and blamed a computer glitch. It certainly wasn’t MY computer glitch, so I shouldn’t be held responsible for it. I highly doubt their advertiser is complaining to them about the extra linkage and advertising they received from my site (which was a PR3 at the time). You don’t often hear me calling online earning opportunities scams, but I don’t know how else to describe Smorty’s latest business practice…

Part of the Smorty Series - Previous in series        Next in series

  4 Responses to “Smorty Gets On My Bad Side”

  1. I haven’t been using smorty too much recently… now I guess I’m glad! I know it would be very frustrating to find out some posts I did were only to be deleted for their mistake.

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  3. I’m having problems with Smorty. I keep getting the message in the dashboard that I have missing or deleted posts. It shows the URL beside them. When I click on this, it takes me directly to the posts. These posts haven’t been deleted or altered. It doesn’t make sense, but convienantly for Smorty it puts a hold on my money. I’ve emailed and hopefully it will be resolved soon.

    April’s last blog post..Structured Settlements and Getting a Lump Sum of Cash

  4. Sorry to hear their still messing with their bloggers, April. I’ve found that between PayPerPost, SocialSpark and direct connections I’ve got about as many sponsored post offers as I can handle.

    There are plenty of options out there, no need to stick with a company with the kind of problems Smorty has.

  5. Thanks, I will look into the others you mentioned. I’m really kind of upset about this, and I hope I get my money. For the last two months, they haven’t had anything available until the last few days. I took those opps, and now, suddenly, they are trying to hold money back. Hopefully it will work out, but it makes me not want to do anymore work if things are going to be like that.

    April’s last blog post..Structured Settlements and Getting a Lump Sum of Cash

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