Nov 192007

It’s great having a kid who’s as into amusement parks as I am, but there’s no accounting for taste. She’s still young enough that she loves anything that spins her and/or puts her upside down. Me, I need speed. Luckily, Z doesn’t smoke, 😉 so I need some time away from her as well. It’s in those brief, hacking, moments in a full day at the park that she takes on rides like VooDoo. You see, VooDoo is what Six Flags Discovery Kingdom calls their Top Spin. Top Spin is probably the hottest flat ride in amusement park circles today. (“Flat ride” is an old carny term for any ride that can be loaded onto a flatbed truck or trailer for portability. Basically, anything but a roller coaster or “dark ride”, which is a ride through a building such as a haunted house.) VooDoo is difficult to describe, but I found this pretty amazing video of a Top Spin in Germany, so I’ll just let (moving) pictures do the talking…

Okay, you caught me, that’s not a normal ride on Top Spin. Apparently some enthusiasts managed to get hold of ride in manual mode and gave people the ride of their life. Although not an official world record, they do manage 107 complete spins (63 forward and 44 backward). A more normal ride only has about a half dozen or so total spins. Not my cup of tea.
Most likely, this is just a result of the extra weight that I’m carrying around, but anything with hard, over the shoulder restraints creates way too much shoulder pain when remaining in an inverted state for anything more than a few seconds.
So, VooDoo (or any Top Spin) currently resides in the 4 spot on my scale of 1-10. 4 typically indicates a ride that’s too painful to be truly enjoyable, but I’ll go on it if I’ve never done so before and/or Z really wants to share the ride. California’s Great America is getting a Top Spin called Firefall in 2008, and I’ll probably have to give that one a shot as the theming around it includes plunging riders into a series of fire and water effects. I’m not exactly sure what that means, but have a feeling I’m going to have to experience it for myself once I get the chance. Hopefully I’ll have lost most of the extra weight by then in which case I may need to up its rating.

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