Nov 192007

Well, my review contest ended Saturday at midnight. Unfortunately, I received far more listings on contest sites then I did actual reviews. I’m not really sure what it takes to get people to review a blog these days, but apparently the chance at a $25 or $50 prize simply wasn’t it. Or maybe all the good writers were stuck in alcohol rehab for the last month (cause writers are stereotyped as alcoholics, get it?). I suppose I shouldn’t say “all” as I did receive one excellent review from London at who I’m proud to be sending the $25 prize for best review. I only wish I could give her the $50 random win prize as well. Alas, the fates were not with her there as my roommate drew lucky number 4 which had been randomly assigned to Thankfully this was a decent attempt at a review as well (I would have hated to send the larger prize to someone who barely filled 100 words that read more like buzz then review).

Congratulations to the winners! I will be contacting you shortly to confirm your PayPal or mailing addresses.

I doubt I’ll be having more contests here at Philaahzophy as the results for this one were rather pitiful. I suppose I shouldn’t be that surprised as I’ve read several similar reports of poor results around the blogoshpere. Ah well, live and learn…

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  1. Thank you very much! 🙂
    It was a sincere pleasure to be able to help.

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