Nov 162007

I believe I may have failed to mention it here on the Philaahzophy, but at the beginning of the school year, Z joined an after school club/activity called the Mathematics Science Engineering Achievement (MESA) Program. Basically, it’s science club with year-long projects and a science fair type of even in May. In other words, Z’s becoming a science geek, of sorts. Being a big fan of science geeks (when pushed for a hero, I usually come up with Albert Einstein) this very much pleases me. Therefore, it’s something I try to support whenever possible.

Part of that support is realized in an attempt to find more educational gifts and CoolStuffExpress may well be the mecha of such gifts for the science geek. Although her mother bought her a telescope a couple years back we never managed to get around to really using it. There are a lot of reasons for this, but my personal excuse is that my bad eyes make it exceedingly difficult to use a telescope. Of course, this is probably just ignorance of the correct way to do so on my part, but that’s still the excuse I use internally. Cool Stuff Express, however, has the solution with their Laser Stars Projector. This baby stands a mere 10 inches tall, but can project not only stars, but an entire moving universe onto any wall or ceiling with incredible detail. This allows us to interact with the universe in a way that’s simply not possible with a traditional telescope or even a proper planetarium. Since we control the projector we can also control the stars themselves allowing us time to react, contemplate and discuss what’s happening should we so choose, or just sit back, relax, and let the night sky flow by.

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