Nov 162007

While it’s been a tough week to be a Postie (thanks to so many PayPerPost users being GoogleSmacked), it’s been a great week to be a carny! At least for me anyway. Philaahzophy has been featured in eight different blog carnivals over the last week-

  1. Festival Of Frugality
  2. Resource For Bloggers Carnival
  3. Carnival of 20 Something Finances
  4. Carnival of Everything Finance: # 7 Edition
  6. Free Cash & Making Money Online – Edition 11
  7. Carnival of Webmasters, Third Edition
  8. Carnival of Political Punditry

Not only have those carnivals brought more readers here to Philaahzophy, but they’ve inspired other bloggers to send their readers here as well! My A Bathroom Full Of Cash – Top 5 Tips For Saving in particular has been picked up by several other blogs. It just goes to show that Google can play with their PageRank all they want (Philaahzophy is currently sitting at a zero once again), but the blogosphere will continue to find and share the content that it appreciates.

  One Response to “Great Week To Be A (Blog) Carny!”

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