Nov 162007

I’ve written before about my growing nostalgia for classic clocks in general and Howard Miller grandfather clocks specifically. But it was recently brought to my attention (by this blog post) that I’ve failed to discuss one of the most important details when choosing a grandfather clock: the chimes. One of the most pleasing aspects of owning a fine clock is hearing the chimes sound out each hour. But, as in everything, different people have different tastes, so choosing which chime your clock will sound is a matter of no small importance when choosing a clock of your own. Having multiple mantle or wall clocks in addition to a grandfather clock makes this choice all the more important as the tones need to compliment each other (getting them 100% synchronized is nigh impossible).

Luckily, like with most things related to clocks, 1-800-4-Clocks is there to help you out with this crucial choice. They’re constantly adding audio files of different chimes to their website. They currently have the following chimes available for your online perusal: Beethoven’s Ave Maria, Schubert’s Ode to Joy, St Michaels Chimes, Westminster Chimes, and the Whittington Chimes. Since few people are familiar enough with classical chimes to know these tones just from their names (though all are instantly recognizable) this is a crucial service that few online clock sellers have offered to their customers. I just love it when modern technology helps searching for antique quality all the easier.

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