Nov 142007
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Wired magazine came out with a “How To Hack The Holidays” article last Friday and I’ve got to say I’m mighty impressed. Aside from the standard holiday advice and the “expert” tips that are available on thousands (if not millions) of websites for easy finding via search engines, they actually had some pretty solid advice I hadn’t stumbled across before. Here’s a brief rundown of their points with some comments of my own-

  • Start shopping early. – Um, duh.
  • Sign up for newsletters. – Solid advice that’s been around as long as the ‘net. Many stores have specials that are only ‘advertised’ in their newsletters.
  • Use coupon codes. – I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again – never buy from any online store without first Googling “{store name} coupon codes”.
  • Get the jump on Black Friday. – Black Friday ads have been out online for a month already. If you haven’t started checking ’em yet, do so now! (As an aside, why is it that every store always has BF deals on plasma TVs, but never on the necessary plasma mount)?
  • Shop at work. – Isn’t that exactly why the invented the internet in the first place? 😉 Apparently “Cyber Monday” is the new Black Friday.
  • Clean your cookies. – Honestly, this one had never occurred to me. Apparently, some stores offer better deals to new customers then to their loyal returning ones!
  • Don’t miss out on free shipping. – Again, duh. It always amazes me how many rookie shoppers find a “great” deal, only to end up paying more than retail after having the item shipped.
  • Buy refurbished. – Amazingly good advice that is so often overlooked in our modern world of “shiny newness”.

Part of the Friday Frugality Series - Previous in series        Next in series

  2 Responses to “Have You Got Your Holiday Shopping Wired?”

  1. Thanks for the list…I especially like clean your cookies, funny how customer loyalty doesn’t mean that much anymore. 😆

  2. “Clean your cookies”

    Ooooh… that never occurred to me, either! This must be the REAL reason why it’s more expensive to find new customers than to keep the loyal ones happy!

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