Nov 142007

Okay, it wasn’t so much “funny” as “interesting” and it was actually while waiting for the pharmacy to open, but you get the idea, right? So, anyway….

I had to pick up some meds for one of my roommate/clients this morning in Gilroy. Since I was already down there to take Z and her little brother to school I didn’t bother driving home and instead just took some reading material and camped out at Kaiser to wait for the pharmacy to open. As I’m reading Albert Meltzer’s disappointing Anarchism: Arguments For And Against (more on that later) this young guy sits down next to me and starts chatting me up on the topic of anarchy. Being that we’re sitting in a pharmacy the conversation naturally turns toward free market health care and the benefits it would bring.

It turns out that he doesn’t have health care through his job, so actually enrolled in Kaiser independently (which I didn’t know was possible) and is only paying a little over a $100 per month. Not bad at all, considering we’re supposed to be in a health care crises and all. Hell, my monthly car payment for rover is twice that and I bought him as an 18 year old used car that needed work!

When I got home I, of course, Googled California health insurance quotes and, sure enough, I could actually get insurance for me and Z for about $350/month. Considering my X pays around $300/month to get Kaiser health insurance through the California Highway Patrol and the government foots a portion of that bill, I highly recommend anyone looking for health insurance spend a little time perusing Kaiser’s options.

  2 Responses to “A Funny Thing Happened On The Way To The Pharmacy”

  1. Health insurance is so costly, some times they do not even cover my scrips. I usually purchase my expensive meds from online discount pharmacies.

  2. I’ve considered going that route myself on occasion, though I’m concerned about quality control.

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