Nov 132007

Back in August I wrote about a couple who met on one of the forums I run getting married. I was stressed about their gift, but was pleased to discover they had registered at This is a complete Wedding Website, but the part that excited me the most was that it also acts as a wedding registry aggregator, allowing the happy couple to register at dozens of major stores (and more than 100 charities).

The couple returned from their honeymoon last week and I was finally able to speak to the bride. After thanking me for my gift (chosen via their registry) I managed to get a little feedback on the site itself. She was ecstatic! Although she’d always dreamed about the day she was to wed her fear and trepidation grew as the date approached. She did 95% of her planning through Wedding Channel and claims that it calmed her on a daily basis. She made use of their planning tools and wedding services guide in addition to the registry itself and couldn’t be more pleased with the results.

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  2. Everything else seems to be moving to the online arena so why not wedding planning?? Arrrgh! go wedding planners everywhere but really, if they can find a way to integrtae their business into an online platform and save the bride and groom so much time in the process (eliminate the meetings at venues, with dj’s etc) then they are definitely adding longevity to their business and making it relevant to the modern couple…

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