Nov 132007

Thanks to the first Resource For Bloggers Carnival at My Lucky 13 including my Get Paid For Your Non-Sponsored Blog Posts Too! , and the 100th(!) Festival of Frugality including my A Bathroom Full Of Cash – Top 5 Tips For Saving I’ve now broken into the Technorati Top 100,000! (99,658 to be exact) I only breached the 200,000 mark on September 19th, so I’m pretty pleased with the progress thus far. Sure, I could probably be moving along more quickly, but I’ve earned this ranking the good old fashioned way: I earned it. No Technorati trains, purchased links or other games. Just blogging away and commenting on other blogs occasionally.

Meanwhile, my Alexa score has dropped to 233,308, making my site more popular than 0.00037% of the internet! That’s a 573% betterment of my three month average. Yesterday my Alexa rank was 67,068 and my one week average is 106,042!

Alas, my Google PageRank dropped from 3 to 2 after only a few days. While frustrating, this is perfectly acceptable. I was ecstatic to see such a high PR, but now wish it had just gone straight to two. Having seen the earning opportunities available as a PR3 it’s difficult to let them go with out a cry or two.

All in all, Philaahzophy’s shaping up pretty well, and at least I seem to be heading in the right direction.

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  1. I’m glad that my Carnival helps you to get on top 100. I’ll wait for your articles on the next editions.

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