Nov 132007

Yesterday I wrote my 100th post through PayPerPost. I was hoping to save it for the announced name change to Izea, but apparently they weren’t excited enough about that change to offer a posting opportunity for it.

My first PPP opportunity was Trickle Down Poverty? written on July 16, 2007, though I couldn’t actually get it submitted to their system until July 31st as I was still going through the acceptance process. 100 posts in 104 days, not a bad average. My total earnings thus far are $977.27 or $9.77 per post on average. With each opportunity taking me 15 to 30 minutes to write that’s not bad money at all. And how many online earning opportunities allow you to make $9.40 per day without referrals and doing essentially what you’d be doing anyway? (That’s a serious question! If you know of any please contact me!)

The top earner at PPP has earned $17,898.82 as of this writing, and the 10th highest earner has made $10,903.01. Both of these people have been at PPP for far longer than I and have significantly better PageRank’s and more seasoned blogs as well. Remember, I was unranked at Google until just a couple of weeks ago, and I still managed to earn almost $1,000 in just over three months. Obviously I’m not living solely off my PPP income, but I’m still just getting started. Building something from scratch always takes time, but if you do it right and stick with it, odds ar eit will pay off in the end. PPP seems to be doing just that.

There have certainly been some frustrations (system bugs, missed opps, slurs against my integirty, etc), not the least of which was seeing how many opps I lost out on when my PR dropped from 3 down to 2, but I have to say it’s been a very positive experience overall.

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