Nov 132007

With yesterday being Veteran’s Day, Z was out of school. I, of course, still had to work, so it became a “Take Your Daughter To Work Day” for us instead of our typical fun weekend. Since so much of my workday is actually spent sitting in my room typing away on my computer (as I’m doing right now 😉 ), Z was stationed on the spare couch in my room which also doubles as her bed when she’s with me. With all that extra time on her bed she finally got around to mentioning that her pillow has gone totally flat. It’s been a couple of years, so I don’t suppose I can complain, but I’m not a fan of pillow shopping, so floated the idea of her making the replacement instead of buying one. She’s made throw pillows before, but not full size bed pillows, so this really brought out the crafter in her. That excitement quickly brought out the craftiness in me as well and we were off. (pronounced “pillow”) seems to be the best spot on the web for home pillow crafters to find everything they need. We were looking for a Feather Pillow Form and found the selection to be plentiful and the prices to be very reasonable. We went with a standard rectangular shape, but you can also get your choice of a square, circle, neckroll, or bolster pillow Feather Pillow Insert.

I was excited to see that they had some pillow making and care articles linked from the bottom of the site, but greatly disappointed to discover they were essentially one liners that didn’t really give any more information.

Hopefully my current trend of updating y’all on older projects and posts will continue and I will remember to share the experience we have creating our own pillows when the Insert Pillow arrives!

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