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We woke up the next morning and had our breakfast at Joy Of Eating. Joy Of Eating is a restaurant with country style breakfast. While we were waiting, I drew a picture on the back of the kid’s menu. Aahz got french toast with their famous bread. I got berry pancakes. We both agree that their food was delicious. We got back in Rover (our car) and drove off to Six Flags Discovery Kingdom (formerly Marine World).

Since Kong was breaking down left and right, yesterday we decided to go on it first. We got there before the rides opened and waited in line with a bunch of snotty cheerleaders pushing around. When they let us in we walked to Kong and it was closed!!!!! Because of that, we went on Medusa which had a fairly short line since the park just opened. I was so anxious. When we got to the front of the line, I nearly screamed! I watched the coaster take off and just waited. Then, the coaster came back and I started jumping up and down! We got on and when we came back, I was speechless, and screamless. I had screamed so much on the ride, I could no longer scream. It was so awesome! While on Medusa, we saw that Kong was running again. We ran over there when we got off of Medusa, and got in line right before it broke down again! We decided we weren’t leaving. We went on the ride when it started up again and I Hated it! First of all, I was nervous because it had been breaking down so much lately. Second, my seat didn’t feel secure. Also, it was very jerky. The Wheel Of Fright ran every half hour. We went there to have fun by pretending we were on Fear Factor. Unfortunately, another boy got picked. He was a nine year old. After half an hour of him putting pieces of Rocky Mt. Oyster in his mouth and then spitting them out, the lady picked another person. We all had to guess a number 1 through 30. I was so excited when she said Aahz was the closest and got to go on stage to spin the wheel. Beforehand, he had to sign a contract. He spun the wheel and got live nightcrawler! He had no problem eating it. He just put his head back and dropped it in. Meanwhile, the little boy was still trying to eat the Rocky Mt. Oyster. Aahz won 7 Flash Passes and free admission to both haunted houses. We went on Medusa after that. We used our Flash Passes to get ahead of the line. The other ride I really wanted to ride on was Tazmanian Devil. Tazmanian Devil is a ride that swings like a pendulum while spinning in a circle. That ride was O.K. but not nearly as fun as the others. The time then came, for me to ride an elephant! Her name was Tava. I waited in line and went on with 2 teenagers. When we got on Tava walked around in a circle and then let us off. We sat on a little saddle and it wasn’t even that bumpy. It was so fun! After that we went to go see Shouka The Killer Whale

She was awesome. She splashed everyone and did flips underwater! After seeing her, we got to ride her! It was actually a fake Shouka. There were little stairs on the side, so we could climb up and sit on “her”. It was fun though. I then went on Voodoo again. We knew the day was coming to an end so we went to Medusa again since we still had Flash Passes. Aahz and I went on Medusa 2 times in a row!

We had one Flash Pass left so I went on Medusa again. It was so fun and it ended our day. I say the weekend was pretty cool!!! I can’t wait to go next time!

We’ve actually got a couple of hundred pictures of our Discovery Kingdom trip. They can all be seen in the gallery here.

Part of the Discovering Discovery Kingdom Series - Previous in series        

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