Nov 122007

Yes, The Donald himself, is now offering to share a free online report about branding your business. Donald Trump puts his name everything not (just) because he’s an egomaniac but because branding is, quite possibly, the number one thing you can do for your business. The same is true of any product or service you offer, whether it be multi-million dollar real estate and construction projects or just your little blog about whatever.

Branding not only helps people identify your products and services, giving you the all important name recognition, but frequently can even help sell your product before your audience is even aware of what it is. Trump, for example, stands for class and quality. If something got his name on it, you should already believe it to be the absolute best of its kind. This report from Trump University not only covers the importance of branding, but also how to make your brand stand out in a crowd, ensuring your brand works for you, and even how to use branding to safeguard your business against competition.

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