Nov 122007

In my goals post I mentioned that I’m trying to lose weight, so a “helpful” friend forwarded me a link to a bodybuilding supplements website called while not quite what I was looking for, it does seem to be a pretty solid place for vitamins, minerals and bodybuilding supplements, though. More than just a shop it’s got numerous articles and a pretty lively forum as well. Personally, while I am working out, it’s much more about slimming down then pumping up for me (despite the fans of my tattoos who want to see solid muscle beneath them again).

  4 Responses to “Losing Weight And Pumping Up”

  1. Bodybuilding supplements can sometimes be a bad idea. Starting a Bodybuilding Diet Plan can have the same effect in a healthier way. It’s really easy to start a Bodybuilding Diet.

  2. Olla, I agree with some other post on here. A solid diet and work out plan should/will see you dropping the pounds. lets face it if you burn off more than you put in (carbs and fats, I could go on)you are going to lose weight. if you are looking for a supplemnt that will help you with your quest I would recommend at least taking a look at nitric oxide…just google Nitric Oxide Scam or review. Don’t worry about the scam bit though its just what a lot of people seach under when researching a product.

    Good luck in you quest

  3. Thanks for the link, certainly an interesting read.

  4. i agree but the most helpful for yall is the water make your lose weight because if you drink hot water on after your wake up it burn all fat and healthy for lose weight

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