Nov 122007

I joined DonkeyMails on July 16th because evryone in the PTR community seemed to be absolutely in love with them and their PTP program. I then spent a couple of bucks over the next few moths promoting their PTP pages in an attempt to actually earn a little cash. What a huge mistake!

Not only did it take me more than three months to earn enough PTP credits to convert them into actual money, but in that same amount of time I still wasn’t close to the $1.00 minimum payout as a result of clicking through their PTR ads and my referral earnings from six referrals. I had 2 level 1 refs, and 1 each on the following four levels. Yet, I still earned only around 2% of my personal earnings via referrals. If my refs had all generated the same revenue I had that number should have been 20%!

When I finally was able to convert my PTP “earnings” (in quotes because I actually spent more then I earned) and was finally able to request payout it took more than 2 weeks to actually receive the payout. This despite their front page assertion of “Payouts will be made weekly!”, their slogan of “automatic no minimum payouts”, and their TOS assuring that “Payments will be made within 10 days or a reasonable time after.”

DonkeyMails may be the biggest PTR in business today, but they’re far from the best. For those keeping score at home, here are the PTR programs I still use and recommend (in order of my recommendation):

  1. Fishing4Mails
  2. TesasTeaMails
  3. Myster-E-Mail
  4. NocturnalEmail
  5. ValePTR
  6. Twisted-Clickers

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  1. Hi! I love your blog! My favortite GPT is I’ve gotten paid without any problems for over a year! LOL

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