Nov 122007

It seems Z wasn’t too excited about the Dominican Republic. Instead she was more excited about flying into Orlando a day or two early so we could visit Sea World’s exclusive Discovery Cove. This reservation only theme park is 100% designed around interaction with the marine life. Not only can you swim with dolphins (which is a pretty common thing these days, actually), but also snorkel alongside sharks and barracudas. Of course, there is a plexiglass barrier between you and the nastier critters, so they’re fully contained despite the feeling of being amongst them.

Of course, planning this out meant another visit to which is my favorite site for finding hotels in orlando. I first wrote about back in September and they’ve remodeled a bit since then. However, it’s still the most useful spot for genuine travelers info on Orlando. Their best feature is that you can list hotels based on what type of activities you’re interested in (amusement parks, nightlife, dining, etc). But the feature Z and I take the most advantage of is the info on local transit routes to the attractions we want to visit. This means that on the same site we can find both hotel discounts and save by not having to take cabs or rent a car.

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