Nov 122007
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So I’ve been lagging pretty heavy on getting the Six Flags Discovery Kingdom weekend report written (Z and I went on the 20th & 21st of October), so she finally got fed up and wrote the darn report herself! So, here it is, the first ever guest blogger on Philaahzophy…

Hong Kong Phooey, The number one super dog. We were sitting in Rover (our car) listening to music. I wondered where we were going but didn’t care to ask. We had been driving for a while when Aahz pulled into a Motel 6 for directions. This was very odd to me because Aahz is very good with directions and would know where to go if he planned it. I didn’t worry to much though. I was so surprised when we pulled into Discovery Kingdom (formerly known as Marine World). We were in a line for parking which was 15 dollars! After we parked, Aahz told me he got us Season Passes. I was so excited! We waited in a line for the tram that brought people to the park. There were cheerleaders everywhere because it was the sectionals competition.

We walked in, and looked at the Wheel of Fright which was in the front of the park. The Wheel of Fright is a wheel that the lucky contestant spins and they have to eat whatever the wheel lands on. The following things were listed on the wheel: Habenero peppers, worms covered in wax, live crickets, live nightcrawlers, live cockroaches, and Rocky Mt. Oysters. You could win T-shirts, and Flash Passes. Flash Passes are passes that get you to the front of select rides. After that we looked around the courtyard and found aliens in all the bushes.
We got our season passes processed and then, sat at the dolphin fountain in the middle of the park. I looked at the map and decided I wanted to go on Medusa really bad. Medusa is probably the most popular roller coaster and probably the craziest. It is huge, with crazy turns, corkscrews, and loops. It looked so awesome! We walked into the Sky section of the park and to Medusa’s line but the line was two hours long and I really wanted to ride something so we decided to come back later.
The first ride we went on was Cobra. We went on it first because Medusa was to long a line, the ride Kong which was next to Medusa looked cool but it was closed down and Cobra was close by. It was O.K. It was a steelie but had no crazy stuff. It was basically a kiddie coaster. After that we went on the Haunted Mine Ride. That was in a 4D theater for Fright Fest.. In a 4D theater, you put on 3D glasses and you watch something while being moved around. So we sat in these big chairs and looked at the screen with our glasses on. All of a sudden the chairs started moving and it felt like we were on areal coaster. I got excited on the ride because the picture showed things like a giant rock in front of us, and almost falling into lava, we even got sprayed with water. It was so cool.
We went to go see an animal show after that. It was at Tiger Island. The show was 3 tigers, Odin, Thor, and another tiger swimming! It was so cool. Odin is the main tiger, but he wasn’t doing any thing but spraying the audience.The word spraying in tiger language means going pee. Thor was swimming like crazy. It was awesome! He would dive under water to get pieces of meat!
After that, we went on an awesome ride called V2 When we were on the ride, we saw, Kong running. We got excited and went to Kong after we got off. Kong was closed again! We went on some more rides, and then Aahz decided he wanted to go on Roar. Roar is the big woodie coaster. We started walking to the coaster and Aahz said that since the day was almost over, and we still had over half the park to explore. So he asked me if I wanted to come back tomorrow. I was so stunned, surprised, and excited! I said yes and he told me that was good because he booked a hotel already. I was so excited. Two days of amusement park fun! He toke a break to smoke and I saw go carts racing, without a track! It was so cool! I asked him if we could do it. He told me I could do that or ride an elephant! I wanted to ride an elephant. Then we went on Roar which was really fun. We had a blast! After that, we went on VooDoo . I loved VooDoo but Aahz wasn’t particularly fond of it. It’s like this giant wooden swing with a bunch of seats. The swing goes up and down while swinging, and goes upside down numerous times! It’s crazy!
Then we went to see the sea lion show. It was a special Halloween story. It was about a witch who stole all the Halloween candy in the world! The sea lions had to get it back. The told the story with Austin Powers and acted it out. It was really fun! We met a little girl in the line for Wave Swinger. She was from Sacramento and went on the ride with us. Wave Swinger is a very moderate ride when everyone sits in their own swing and you go up and spin. Next, we watched the “live” Thriller show which was really cool. Live is in quotes because Thriller is a song by Micheal Jackson about zombies.

We didn’t care for the haunted houses so we left after that.We back went to the Motel 6 that we went to earlier, when I learned that he was trying to check in early, before we went to Discovery Kingdom. Our room was completely opposite of what we wanted, but we managed. It only had one bed and a shower for disabled people. At least it had a TV!

We’ve actually got a couple of hundred pictures of our Discovery Kingdom trip. They can all be seen in the gallery here.

Part of the Discovering Discovery Kingdom Series -        Next in series

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