Nov 112007

Apparently, the Clinton Campaign was not satisfied getting caught once planting questions in an Iowa crowd, but decided they should not only do it again, but should then institute the worst cover up in history. I’m not going to bother quoting from the articles because I’m not really that interested in them. (If you’re not already familiar with the problems, just click on over.) What I am interested in is the ridiculous reaction people are having to these discoveries.

Of course political candidates plant questions in the audience. So do businessmen, athletes, police officers, bureaucrats, and any one else who’s had more than one public Q&A session. The point of these public appearances is not to receive feedback from the attendees, but to spread the speaker’s message. And seldom is it presented otherwise.

People are, of course, comparing this situation to the recent FEMA Fake Press Conference, but they’re wrong to do so. The FEMA debacle was presented as a press conference, but there wasn’t any actual press there. They paid people both to attend and to ask specific questions. Which is a hell of a lot different then asking someone already attending a speech to make a specific inquiry.

There’s plenty of ways to discredit Hillary Clinton as a viable Presidential candidate, but this one is simply a nonstarter. It’s pure pettiness. Would I prefer a world where there were no planted or pre-screened questions? Of course I would. But if I had what I wanted there also wouldn’t be any political candidates so this would all be a moot point anyway.

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  1. <p>I agree that the reactions (especially from the Hannity/O’Reilly/Fox News crowd) have been ridiculous. I don’t really see anything wrong with what Hillary’s people did though- I’m sure the Republican candidates have done/will do the same thing at the Dem. debates! The questions that they asked weren’t even that controversial- it’s GOOD to ask politicians questions, the Republicans oughta know who and what are voting for- even if the questions are asked by Democrats. </p>
    <p>The only thing that was sketchy about the situation is that the question-askers weren’t upfront about their background and affiliation. I think Hilary’s response to the criticism should have been “so what?!!!” We’ve gotten so used to our politicians limiting the questions we are allowed to ask them- the current president plants questions at every single one of his own press conferences- how dare someone ask something that our politicians haven’t already rehearsed an answer for.</p>

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