Nov 102007

Well, since Hawaii didn’t work out as well (read: affordable) as I planned I decided to switch things up a bit and see what I could find in the Caribbean. Boy am I glad I did! I managed to come across Holiday Hypermarket and their cheap holidays to Dominican Republic. Now here’s a place that’s got it all when trying to find some special adventure to share with your loved one (or, in my case, your eleven year old daughter). In 1496 Christopher Columbus declared it the most beautiful island he had ever seen and he was just the first of many to make such a profound statement. In addition to the obvious benefits of warm sun and golden beaches, the capital city, Santo Domingo, has plenty to offer the culture seeker including art, music, cuisine and fine Spanish architecture. Water sports are, of course, plentiful for the athletically minded and numerous casinos for the truly adventurous.

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  1. agrees, but with this it can not be helped, it is in their blood

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