Nov 102007

Thanks to a little link love I found my way to the NatBooty blog today. She’s got a pretty solid blog developing on Get Paid To programs, though she’s apparently had some technical problems of late. But it’s her GPT Calendar that I want to share with you. This is the kind of innovation I was looking for while running the GPT/PTR/PTC Carnival, but I just couldn’t find it on a regular basis.

Essentially, she’s leveraged the power of Google Calendars to not only track the upcoming promotions and specials at various GPT programs, but she’s sharing that calendar with anyone interested in the information. A couple of quick clicks allows you to look at the current day, week, month, next four days, or as a listing of all upcoming events. As of today she has a dozen different promotions listed at a half dozen different GPT companies. But this girls obviously got gumption, so I expect this to become a standard stop for the bulk of the GPT world in the near future.

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