Nov 092007

For those who are unaware, I live in a small town called Morgan Hill, CA. We’re what Realtors call a “bedroom community nestled between San Jose’s Silicon Valley and Gilroy’s Agricultural Marvel”. With a population of about 33,500 (1/3 of that being minors) it’s a pretty mellow place to live. With the 10th largest city in the US a mere 20 miles away, it’s also far from a complete hick town or real country living. So I knew it was only a matte rof time before I noticed a front page article like the one in today’s Morgan Hill Times

A visit to the police station with a child high on drugs is a parent’s nightmare, but Kristina Ortiz claims she’s had this experience several times after picking up her daughter at Sobrato High School.

“I’m extremely upset, and I just don’t know what they’re doing about it,” she said.

Ortiz wants school officials to get rid of the drugs on the campus.

You do see the problem in these opening sentences, do you not? That her kid’s taking drugs? A problem for her and her child, perhaps, but not for us. That the girl’s taking those drugs at school? For the child and/or the school, perhaps, but not for us. That the school can’t get rid of the drugs on campus? For the school, but not for us. No, the problem for us, meaning you and me and other freedom loving peoples everywhere is Mother Ortiz’s insistence that the school (and hence the taxpayers) solve the problem that is hers (and possibly her daughter’s).

Sobrato Principal Debbie Padilla said Ortiz has also asked for the school to hold mandatory semester-long drug education classes for all students

Yeah, what do they need science, or mathematics for? In a school district where 75% of parents have(at least) some college experience, but more than 35% of students can’t even score “proficient” on standardized math tests, Mommy Ortiz is upset because Mommy Government hasn’t stepped in and required “drug education” classes.

What ever happened to personal responsibility? Why doesn’t she take her daughter to drug rehab instead of the police station? Why didn’t she educate her daughter about the dangers of drugs? When was the last time she wrote her “representatives” in government asking that they legalize drugs so there would be fewer chances of accidental overdose or poisoning should her daughter choose to self-medicate?

The most entertaining lines in the article came from the campus cop, who also supplied the only bright point-

School resource police officer Mike Nelsen said the problem on campus is not only the ecstasy pills that Ortiz’s daughter allegedly took, but also other drugs on campus, including alcohol. Sometimes the clear liquid kids are sipping from plastic bottles is not water, he added.

If the students were more cooperative about telling who is selling drugs to them, it would be easier to get drugs off campus, he said.

“We don’t have a crystal ball. We have to have some information,” he said. “We can’t do random locker searches.”

The humor – Why on earth would the kids tell the cops who’s dealing the drugs? The kids want the drugs on campus. If there was no demand there would not be a supply for the parents and administrators to worry about. Don’t they teach about the failure of Prohibition in this high school?

The bright spot – A police officer is actually claiming that a school can’t do random locker searches? Bob Davis, coordinator of student services for the school district actually stated “We do have to protect student rights,” so perhaps there is some hope left for this community. Now if only we could educate people like Ms. Ortiz into understanding that the government will never be the answer to the drug problem.

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