Nov 082007

After restricting Z from using her cell phone for any non-parental calls last week I was playing around with it to ensure I could tell if it had any unauthorized use in the future. While doing so I used her mobile browser to pull up a few of the websites I run on different topics. The results were far from pleasing to say the least. Thus, I’ve been investigating ways to make my websites and blogs more mobile friendly.

Today, I came across a blog post at Mobile Messaging 2.0 called Mobile Marketing. Although very obviously a corporate blog it does share some great information about the past, present and (near) future of mobile marketing. Apparently 1 in 3 “Big Brands” already have mobile marketing promotions in play and almost 3/4 of those are reporting a “click-thru” rate of greater than 10%. In other words, people actually are using the premium SMS features of their cell phones and mobile devices to seek out content, make purchases over the internet, and even partake in mobile billing.

So, what does this mean for the smaller webmasters who may be reading here? It means that if you’re not already mobile friendly you’re losing out to those sites that are. After all, what better way to utilize the time you’re waiting for your lunch, doctor, or (god-forbid) the latest in a chain of government bureaucrats to arrive, then to handle some of your online business or read your favorite blogs? You’ve already made the jump to the internet, it’s time to make the jump to everyone’s pocket or briefcase via their cell phone as well.

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  1. I think that I use today are very friendly

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