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Over the last two months a larger and larger portion of my online earning has come directly from sponsored blog posts at Philaahzophy. As a result I’ve focused more and more of my attention in that direction as well. When I first started doing paid blog posts I was focused on my site’s stats (Google PageRank, Alexa, Technorati, etc). From what I read around the blogosphere I was not alone in this. But now I’ve come to realize that as important as those numbers are timing is much, much more important. When thinking about sponsored blog posts timing has two distinct components – 1) Getting the opportunities, 2) Posting the opportunities.

Unfortunately, I haven’t really got a handle on how best to time things so that I have the broadest selection of paid post opportunities, but I do have some insights. Although sponsored blog posts are still very much a growing field of advertising with more advertisers coming on board every day, there are still far more bloggers vying for these opportunities then there are opportunities available. In other words, it’s a buyers market and we, the sellers of sponsored posts, are competing with each other for a piece of the pie. And the lower your site stats the smaller the number of opportunities available to us and more people we’re competing with since PageRank 6 bloggers can still take PageRank 0 posts if they’re willing to do so. As the old saying goes, the best defense is a strong offense. Every paid to blog post I work with posts fresh opportunities 24 hours a day. There is no ‘magic window’ to determine when new posts will become available. In order to have the largest number of paid posts to choose from I refresh all of the various paid to blog company job listing pages a couple of times per hour, for roughly 14 hours per day. In fact, I probably spend more time refreshing these pages than I actually spend writing the paid posts on most days!

The second aspect of timing is much easier to control from the blogger’s end. Every paid blogging company has a different time limit on how long the blogger has to actually write their post once they’ve accepted (or been rewarded) the paid to write opportunity. Some companies restrict the number of opportunities you can have reserved at one time, or how many you can write in a day, so timing becomes even more important. With so many variables the only way to get any real insight is to look at each company individually.

  • PayPerPost
    Limitations: Three posts per day, one post reserved at a time
    Time To Write: Six hours
    Might as well start with the big boy. Although PPP has both the most opportunities and the highest paying opportunities in my experience they’re also the hardest place to actually get those opportunities. I’ve seen opps appear and disappear in less time than it takes to refresh the screen on my broadband connection.
    Aside from constantly refreshing the Qualified Opportunities screen throughout the day I’ve found that simply reserving the higher paying jobs without taking the time to read them is the only way to get the really choice opportunities. If the post turns out not to be right for you or your blog, you can always return to the marketplace and seek out another one, thus freeing up the one you won’t be doing. Additionally, when there are only relatively low paying opportunities available I now reserve the highest paying one and write the post, but refrain from posting it until the deadline is almost expired. In this way I don’t “waste” one of my three daily posts and miss out on higher paying ones.
  • Smorty
    Limitations: One post reserved at a time
    Time To Write: Seventy-two hours
    Smorty is an interesting company in that each blogger receives a “Smorty Score” which is based, at least in part, on how quickly and accurately the bloggers perform on the opportunities they accept. With a full three days to write each post and only about one new opportunity per week it should never be difficult to get posts written on time. But before you accept an opportunity make sure you are going to do it, because expired posts can do some serious damage to your Smorty Score.
    The important thing to remember about Smorty is that even though they (usually) send out an email when a new opportunity is available these seldom arrive in time for people to actually reserve the opportunity. In other words, don’t count on their emails!
  • Blogitive
    Limitations: None
    Time To Write: Forty-Eight hours
    Blogitive has been my most consistent provider of paid posting opportunities behind PayPerPost. Opportunities here tend to get posted in bunches, but there doesn’t seem to be a limit to the number of posts you can have reserved at one time. One of the nice things about Blogitive is that they actually tell you how many more people can sign up for an opportunity. Even so, I’ve never seen one last more than an hour or so before being fully reserved. The only trick here is to reserve the opportunities with the fewest remaining slots first as you never know how many other bloggers are viewing the opportunities at the same time.
  • CREAMaid
    Limitations: None
    Time To Write: Special
    As I’ve written before, CREAMaid operates in an entirely different manor than any of the other paid to blog companies. The most relevant difference to the topic at hand is that you must write and post the entry before even notifying them that you’re interested in the opportunity. Their system simply automatically detects when you place their code on your blog. On the up side, anyone with a blog can qualify and their emails announcing new opportunities are actually very timely and useful. The only trick to timing with CREAMaid is that the earlier your post gets accepted the more likely you are to receive referral fees for the post.
  • SponsoredReviews
    Limitations: None
    Time To Write: One Week
    SponsoredReviews also does things much differently then most companies. Here the bloggers actually bid for the jobs and the advertisers can hand pick the specific blogs where their paid posts will appear. This makes signing up for opportunities much less time sensitive since bidding is usually open for weeks. Once the advertiser has accepted your bid you have a full week to write the review. This makes them easy to slide into your blog on days when you’ve been unable to find appropriate paid opportunities elsewhere.

One of the most frequent questions I get from other bloggers is how to monetize their blogs. Using these tips I’ve managed to earn as much as $200 from paid posts in a single day! Nothing else I’ve encountered even comes close.

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  3. very interesting, but I don’t agree with you

  4. Care to elaborate? I wasn’t aware there was much of possible controversy in this post. What, specifically, do you disagree with?

  5. Thanks for sharing! I’m trying to get a handle on how to reserve the opps on PPP to write for a later time…hope you can help?

  6. Welcome, KittyCat! Unfortunately, PPP only allows a six-hour window between reserving an opp and submitting it. If you haven’t submitted an opp within six hours of the reservation it opens back up to anyone else who wishes to take it.

    Additionally, if you reserve a different opp within that six hour window (before submitting the first one) then it cancels your previous reservation. Only one may be reserved at a time.

    PPP is the most restrictive when it comes to reserving opportunities. Of course, they’re also the largest paid to blog company, so they must be doing something right.

    Hope that answers your question. If not, let me know and I’ll try again.

  7. Very nice and useful article. I had an expired post in Smorty another day and two with Payu2blog.
    It´s horrible when it happens, but sometime I just have the time to write.

  8. Glad you ofund it useful! I wasn’t working with Payu2blog when I wrote this. Perhaps it’s time for an update, adding in several more paid to blog companies.

    The nice thing about Payu2blog is that I’ve had a lead time of as much as 10 days. And the couple that I’ve submitted late (by less than 24 hours) were still accepted 🙂

    Aahz’s last blog post..Experimenting With Exclusive Articles At Associated Content

  9. I worked in the blogosphere for sometime before realizing how profitable it was if you chose the proper topics to blog about. And yes, you’ve said it best: “Timing Is Everything.” When topics are trending, they receive a tremendous amount of traffic. Usually this only lasts for a week or so before dying down substantially.

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