Nov 072007

Although at first blush October was a stellar month, on closer examination it becomes clear that I seriously slacked off through much of the month.

Unlike most bloggers who give monthly earnings reports I’m not going to share what I “earned”, but only payments that I actually received this month. You can see my full PayPal proof of payment by clicking here. I do this because internet companies are notoriously prone to failure, and “get paid” sites are all the more so.

October Revenue – $742.84

September Revenue$460.49

As you can see, once you remove the $511.50 I won in the McGrath blog contest, I only actually received $231.34 in October. Might help explain why I’m so broke right now. More than half of that came from PayPerPost as a result of 24 posts I did for them in September (they pay after 30 days). As a point of contrast I’ve already earned (though won’t receive until December) $170.79 from PPP in the first six days of November.

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