Nov 072007

I’ve been talking a lot about sponsored blog posts today, but it’s not really something anyone who did a little research wouldn’t have stumbled across eventually. Most bloggers aren’t looking for ways to maximize their sponsored post revenue. Rather they want to generate money off of their non-sponsored posts. There are all the standard answers, of course: Google Adsense, Bidvertiser, text links, etc. But those are actually earning money from your website, not from your blog posts themselves. But there is a way to earn from your posts without adding obtrusive ads that your site visitors may not appreciate. Best of all, the solution is something you should already be spending the majority of your effort on anyway: great content.

The reason you want great content on your blog is because it will bring traffic to your site and keep them coming back for more. Every website on the internet is looking for the same thing: great content to drive traffic and retain visitors. They want it so much they’re willing to pay you to provide the content for them. I like to think of it as double dipping. I get all the benefits of having that content on my blog, plus I get paid for it from these other websites. Which websites?

  • Associated Content – My personal favorite due to their upfront payment option and ease of cross-posting. In addition to the $3.00 to $5.00 they pay for your articles (in my experience) you’ll also earm $1.50/CPM for the page views your article receives on their site.
  • Helium – Probably the most popular paid-to-write website. Helium is community rated, so the more your fellow users like your posts the more money you’ll earn.
  • Senserely Yours, Blogger Party, and Blog Evolve – These are all Adsense Revenue Sharing Blogs that insert your Adsense codes into the ads related to your posts. The theory is that your posts will get more traffic due to the community nature of these sites. I’ve made as much as $1.50 per day at Senserely!
  • Yuwie – I’ve written about Yuwie here pretty often. Essentially it’s a MySpace clone that actually pays you for everything you do there.
  • Shared Reviews, Epinions – These are both sites that allow users to submit reviews of consumer products and then pay a share of their advertising profits. Epinions has been around for years, but isn’t paying much these days, while Shared Reviews is currently paying $2.00 per review while they’re in beta, plus profit sharing once they go live.

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