Nov 072007

I’m not really sure there’s anything I can add, but I just had to share this story from Reuters

SPOKANE, Washington (Reuters) – A cow plunged from a 200-foot (61-metre) cliff onto the hood of a minivan on a highway in central Washington state, according to police.

The car’s occupants, Charles and Linda Everson, were not hurt in Sunday’s accident, but the cow was euthanized at the scene.

“If the cow had fallen a split second later, the animal would have landed right in their laps,” said Jeff Middleton, criminal deputy of the Chelan County Sheriff’s Department.

Middleton estimated the animal weighed 600 lbs (272 kilograms), or the average size of a mature cow. It had been missing for two days and wandered 5 miles from home near the popular Lake Chelan tourist area.

(Reporting by Megan Cooley)

I’m sure this has something to do with the cowspiracy, but I can’t prove it. Perhaps the cow was going to go to the press? Maybe the people in the minivan knew too much? We may never know….

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