Nov 062007

About the only feedback I’ve received thus far from my Review Philaahzophy Contest is that I need an About Me page and Philaahzophy is not very focused. Alas, I already knew both of these things. The former has been remedied with my new About Me / Usage Guide page, and the latter will not be remedied any time soon (if ever).

Philaahzophy is essentially a series of open letters to my daughter, Z. I missed out on the first 9 years of her life and am only a part time parent at current, so don’t always have time to share the life lessons and philosophies that a parent should be passing on to their child. Hence, Philaahzophy. Regular readers of everything I write here will understand me far better than pretty much anyone who knows me in real life. It is here that I write whatever I don’t get the chance to speak elsewhere (and much of what I do).

But I certainly don’t expect y’all to read everything I write here. People have their own interests and won’t necessarily share the majority of mine. That’s why I use categories, tags and RSS feeds by category. While I’m not trying to be “everything to everyone” here at Philaahzophy I’m also not going to avoid writing a post because it’s not “on topic”.

It all comes down to the title of this post: It’s My Blog And ‘ll Post What I Want To. If that gets me readers, great! If it loses me readers, I’m not concerned. If my PageRank increases, that’s wonderful, I’ll make more from sponsored posts. If my PageRank decreases I’ll make a little less, but keep on posting. Everyone’s welcome here at Philaahzophy, but in the end, this blog exists for me and Z.

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