Nov 062007

I’ve been researching advertising via Google Adwords for more months than I care to count now. Fully aware that PPC advertising via Google Adwords is probably the largest piece of the online earning pie available to the ‘little guy’ like me, I’ve tried a couple of small test runs, but with little success. I think that may all be changing very soon thanks to Truly the Ultimate Guide to Google Adwords, Steve Barker at Epiphany covers Google Adwords from every angle.

Whether you’re hearing about Google Adwords for the very first time right here and now or you’ve been running campaigns for years now, Epiphany can help you run more efficient campaigns and generate more income. Epiphany is not just a static site offering a tips or a blog sharing one users personal experiences, or an eBook dedicated to the latest Google ‘tricks’, but all that and more. Reading through this well designed and easily navigable site is like receiving a Doctorate in PPC advertising.

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