Nov 052007

I became politically aware as a result of punk bands like the Sex pistols and the Dead Kennedys. Obviously, that’s where I first heard the term ‘anarchy’ as well, though it was only the first step in a long road to truly understand both the term and the philosophy behind it (not to mention deprogramming myself from the state indoctrination I was receiving at the time). With the recent acquisition of my $20 iPod I’ve started listening to more music once again and I recently downloaded a copy of the Dead Kennedy’s Milking the Sacred Cow. While I enjoy sharing the music of my youth with Z, songs like California Uber Alles and Holiday In Cambodia require extensive history lessons in order to understand the political message being delivered. Sure, songs like Jock-O-Rama still carry the same weight today they did almost 30 years ago (unfortunately), but punk was very much a music of its time.

This leaves me wondering where to find music today that questions (or outright ridicules) the current social norms and political happenings of the world we live in. Essentially, I’m looking for an updated version of the early punk years, but in lyrical content more than musical style. This is a genuine call for help, so please comment or email if you have any starting points for me. If punk rock had never been, then I wouldn’t be the person I am today, plain and simple. I understand the power of music, especially on the young. Is no one singing the praises of freedom of liberty anymore?

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  2. I’ve actually been looking for the same kind of music! Some bands I’ve found include: Against Me!, Corporate Avenger, Propaghandi, and Rise Against.

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