Nov 052007

Z had made alternate plans for Sunday, so we had to squeeze disc golf practice into our Saturday plans (more on the adventure in a later post). As a result of those other plans we were joined by Z’s friend K who had played Frisbee before, but never disc golf. Z was grumpier than usual and I’m not sure if it was frustration to be there when she wanted to be on the day’s adventure, tiring on the thoughts of disc golf altogether, the fact I was helping K more with her shots then I was Z, or something else entirely.

Z and K played from the front tees while I played from the back as usual. Most of the baskets were in the C position, though a few seemed to be in position B. Both Z and I were off our games, though K did remarkably well for her first outing. We only played nine holes again and Z was exhausted by the 6th, wanting to quit then. I fear that even if she sticks with it we’re still a long way from being able to play in a genuine tournament due to the walking involved in playing 36 or 48 holes.

Hole 01 02 03 04 05 06 07 08 09 Total
Aahz 3 4 5 3 5 4 3 5 7 39
Z 5 5 6 3 5 6 4 6 4 44
K 5 5 5 4 8 5 6 6 4 49

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