Nov 042007
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Yesterday while having a birthday lunch with Z and her friend K the topic of government came up somehow and brilliant 10 year old K just jumped in with “I hate the government since I read that Oklahoma book Z recommended”. She was referring to The Oklahoma City Bombing (Terrorist Attacks) by Geraldine Giordano which Z discovered in their school library in September. After sharing a few stories about my Oklahoma research I asked K again why she disliked the government. She couldn’t really explain the feeling, simply stating that it didn’t seem to be helpful in any way. She also told us that her parents don’t really talk to her about politics because she’s “just a kid”, but that she enjoyed talking about it.

There’s a strong message here, people. The children of today are the voters and activists of tomorrow. They innately understand that government doesn’t actually serve them in any way. Talk to your kids (or any available kids) about politics. Not only is it the best way to create a more free future for America, but every now and then they’ll actually teach you something as well.

Part of the Applied Anarchy Series - Previous in series        Next in series

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