Nov 012007

Regardless of whether the mainstream media and the Republican National Committee like it, more and more people are hearing Ron Paul’s message of freedom every day. The latest proof comes from, where Dr. Paul’s book, A Foreign Policy of Freedom: Peace, Commerce, and Honest Friendship, is sitting in the 21st spot on their Movers & Shakers list today. The book increased 147% in the rankings, going from the 475th most popular book on Amazon to the 173rd. It’s currently #34 on their Nonfiction Bestseller’s list, and #13 on the list of top selling political books. Win or lose, I don’t see how anyone can still argue that Ron Paul can’t make a difference in American politics.

  6 Responses to “Ron Paul Up 147% in 24 Hours!”

  1. I’ve been hearing about his book more and more lately I might just have to pick it up.

  2. Good to hear, Thomas! I wish I could share more details on the book, but honestly I’ve just ordered it myself today.

  3. Wow #13, he’s getting alot of Buzz. even on he has been leading the momentum charts everyday!

  4. There’s no reason why this book can’t become a bestseller. The time is RIPE to discuss the ideas Congressman Ron Paul is bringing to the forefront of public debate:

    Constitutional Government

    This is the backbone of Ron Paul’s message. If this platform seems INSANE and EXTREME then we better take a long look at our values. America was born out of Sheer and Utter resistance to tyranny. Our liberty and economy is in dire jeopardy. Our wealth is being destroyed by an endless war which Bush himself claimed had accomplished its objective back in days of mission accomplished (May 2003). Thank goodness we have a straight talking statesmen like Ron Paul to share the message. Why so much Passion for Paul? Because we love our country, our children and our liberty. When this becomes fringe then I don’t want any part of our culture. I invite you to look into Dr. Paul, you will discover a candidate you can be excited about, one of consistent patriotic principle. No need to waste your vote on the evil of two lessers.

  5. GET THIS. Yesterday the traffic at was up 75% compared to three months ago. 75%!

  6. I’d actually hope that number would be MUCH higher. 3 months is an awful long time back. I’m not even sure I’d heard of Ron Paul in late August.

    I find the Amazon numbers impressive because it’s within the last 24 hours.

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