Nov 012007

No, I’m not running for President. Ron Paul already has the majority of my basis covered in that arena. But Rishi over at is sponsoring a Group Writing Project on the subject of “How I see my blog after one year from today“ and I figured I’d take a stab at it. Let’s see…

  • I don’t picture the layout being much different as I really like this theme and yet haven’t seen any others similar to it.
  • The Adsense ads will most likely be gone by then. Considering the bulk of my revenue comes from sponsored posts and Google’s edging ever closer to ‘doing evil’ it wouldn’t surprise me if I could no longer support them.
  • Speaking of Google, my PagRank will probably hover right around the same mark it’s at now. Perhaps a 4 instead of my current 3 given the additional longevity of the domain and incoming links.
  • I’ll probably have somewhere in the neighborhood of 2,500 posts by then. Hopefully there will be far more useful information on applying anarchy to people’s daily lives. Oh and, of course, the final push to get Ron Paul the last few electoral votes he needs to defeat Hillary Clinton 😆
  • There will definitely be more photos posted and video as well.
  • My visitors will be self-segregated into three distinct camps – anarchists and political junkies, road trippers and vagabonds, and those just looking to scrape a few extra cyber-nickels together.

I suppose the reality of where Philaahzophy will be in a year has much more to do with where America will be in a year. Should we still be at war with President Shrub threatening to cancel the elections due to some ‘national emergency’ then it likely won’t be here at all, since I’ll be too busy being tortured in some hidden overseas facility to find the time to post. However, if we’ve actually moved (even incrementally) closer to the freedom our forefathers wished upon us then I believe Philaahzophy will be a happy place indeed.

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