Nov 012007

November 13. 2007 is the Alzheimer’s Foundation of America’s annual National Memory Screening Day. As y’all may recall Z and I took part in the Memory Walk last month to help raise funds for Alzheimer’s research. Alzheimer’s scares me far more than cancer or pretty much any other disease. After all, death is simply an end of life, thing’s like Alzheimer’s are worse than a life term prison sentence. But research for a cure is only one small part of the equation. Even more important is early detection and proper care for Alzheimer’s patients. And that’s what memory screening is all about.

If you’re not sure where you can get screened, then just visit as they’ve got a complete list of screening sites listed by state for your convenience. Unfortunately, the list itself isn’t searchable for some reason, so you’ll have to either browse through it yourself or use your browser’s Find feature. Why they didn’t use a simple Zip Code search option is beyond me. Nevertheless it’s still not too difficult to find a spot near you. In fact, you should call your regular doctor and ask if they’ll be doing the screenings there. If not, then you should encourage them to sign up to be a screening location. There’s still time for them to do so before November 13th.

Once you’ve found your local screening center be sure to click the “Successful Aging” link in the left side menu for tips on fending off Alzheimer’s and dementia as long as possible.

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