Oct 312007

Earlier this month I shared the difficulty Z and I had in trying to bake green peanut butter chocolate chip cookies for her Girl Scout Troop. Our recipe seemed simple enough: peanut butter cookie dough mix (store bought), 2 eggs, butter, semi-sweet chocolate chips, and green food coloring. We had two major problems – 1) we couldn’t get the “dough balls” the right size and shape to form normal looking cookies, and 2) it took three tries to get the dough to actually be the consistency of cookie dough. The first problem was resolved with a little practice and experimentation (though not before we’d used almost all the dough), the second problem would have been easily solved had we purchased a Hamilton Beach® Stand Mixer.

The Eclectrics® Mixer has a 2-way rotating head for thorough hands-free mixing and high-performance electronics ensure constant power. This would certainly have been far superior to our feeble attempts to mix the dough by hand with my beloved wooden spoon. It’s also got 12 settings for more flexibility and precise control. Not only that, but it comes in a killer shade of blue called “UltraMarine”! Although this won’t match my green-toned kitchen, it’s still the The Hamilton Beach® Mixer that’s found its way onto my Christmas list for this year. Hopefully New Year’s cookie baking will go much more smoothly.

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