Oct 312007

Many small business owners skip some of the best known business magazines and newspapers, thinking they’re only for ‘the big boys’. If you’re included in this category, then you’re about to become very happy that you don’t skip Philaahzophy because both the Wall Street Journal and Inc. Magazine have recently run articles on Ryon Gambill (nominated as Inc.’s Entrpeneur of the Year) and his amazing Bill Collector In A Box Website.

This is, hands down, the first piece of software any small business owner should be purchasing. After all, the most frustrating aspect of any small business is outstanding debts and lost or late payments. In the past, small business people have had to weigh the expense of hiring an outside collection agency (or even an attorney) against the lost revenue itself. Worry no more! Bill Collector In A Box makes it not only affordable, but actually simple to handle all of your collection needs in house. Here’s just one example from their latest newsletter-

Clients that regularly report late accounts to the bureaus receive payments regularly with little or no effort and only spent $5 to do it! If you report twenty $500 accounts to the bureaus and 2 pay, that is a return on investment of 10x. It works when used consistently..our users have proven it.

But that’s not all it can do. Check out these other amazing features-

  • Keep all of your customers in one place, allowing you to manage contacts to ensure payment and print reports to track progress.
  • Skip tracing to locate debtors who have moved without paying.
  • Report bad checks to Shared Check Authorization Network (SCAN), the same bad check service used by such companies as Wal-Mart, Barnes & Noble, Neiman Marcus, and U-Haul international.
  • Process credit card and ACH payments without any additional equipment needed.
  • A new “Refer-A-Friend” program that rewards you for turning fellow business owners on to Bill Collector In A Box.

What else could you possibly want from a collections department of your own?

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  1. The info you have given here really makes my head spin, keep it going

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