Oct 312007

Speaking of using gold coins, you might be wondering where you can safely purchase some, whether you’re looking for collectibles, investments, or security should the dollar fail as many predict. I’ve written about Monex before in my Applied Anarchy series, but today I want to present you Monaco Rare Coin.

Monaco is active in all aspects of the rare coin business, covering the wholesale, collector and international markets and auctions. With over 40 years in the industry, the experts at Monaco can not only identify opportunities in the rare coin market that others may miss, but also have the connections, expertise and capital required to take advantage of opportunities that smaller dealers aren’t equipped to handle. But the reason they’ve been able to last for 40 years is because they’re willing to use their expertise to your advantage, not just their own.

  6 Responses to “Acquiring Gold Coins For Profit Or Security”

  1. Monaco is a good company, I have bought from them. They also had good information on the SS Central America gold treasure.
    Anyone think gold will hit $1,000/oz?

  2. Today it peaked just shy of $900, so I don’t see any reason it won’t hit $1,000. When? I have no idea as I haven’t been watching the precious metals market that long. However, I have no doubt that it will.

  3. Posting this detailed information about Monaco will help people looking for reviews about them. I believe that reviews like this is really good to increase the knowledge of many people.

  4. I never thought that monaco rare coin is a good investment.I will go check it.

  5. Hey
    Thats an interesting review, never heard of Monaco though. Guess i might as well check them out

  6. I’ve never heard of Monaco either, but I do agree about investing in Gold & also Platinum. Even from the time of this post they have both been on the rise and if the past is any indicator they should both continue to rise in the future! Thanks for the tips!

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