Oct 302007

I started the $50 Review Philaahzophy Contest a little over two weeks ago, and must say I’m not too impressed with the results thus far.? The contest has been listed at about a dozen different contest blogs, but only received a small number of entries.? This, in and of itself though, isn’t the real problem.? Rather, it’s the qualities of the reviews themselves.? I simply haven’t been impressed.

Sure, a couple of folx have spent enough time here at Philaahzophy to realize I have no “About Me” page (coming soon, I promise) and that the blog’s not exactly “focused”, but none have been really “quality” reviews in my opinion.? I don’t know what, exactly, is lacking.? For the most part they just seem thrown together.

For those of you who have entered the contest and not received your “instant win” prize yet, I need to beg your patience.? During the system failure last week my bank account got really screwed up as well and it’s going to take a few more days to get my PayPal account back into operational order.? No wrries, though, I haven’t forgotten about you!

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