Oct 302007

It’s time, once again, to see how Philaahzophy is ranking in relation to other sites on the web.? This isn’t a scheduled “time” or anything, but I’ve got some exciting news, so figured this would be the time 😉

The Google PageRank is here! The Google PageRank is here!? I’m somebody!

Okay, so I paraphrased, but that’s what it feels like.? I finally rocketed up from my long-time PR of NR to a whopping PR3!? Huzzah!? ? Meanwhile, my Alexa rank has dropped below 300,00 (294,099 as of right now).? That’s an increase of 1,147,311782 or 544% and means that (according to Alexa) I’m more popular than 0.00029% of the internet! My Technorati rank has also creeped down to 129,395, basically as a result of the weak results from my Review Philaahzophy contest.

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