Oct 302007
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I’ve been talking up Yuwie for the past couple of months and am now even more convinced that it is the single online earning opportunity that is a perfect fit for everyone online. Over the last few days Yuwie has passed the second to last hurdle in getting a perfect score from me: they’ve started paying out successfully (and on time). The final hurdle is paying me, but I still haven’t earned enough, so they’re not to blame there 😉

While I haven’t personally been a member at Yuwie long enough to receive payment many others have and various proofs of payment are now appearing on the web. Here’s a PayPal screenshot from Friday showing a PayPal deposit-

And here’s a scan of an actual check that was received in yesterday’s mail-

If you’re wondering what the person had to do to earn almost $100, check the following –

As you can see from these screenshots, it’s not so much what you actually do at Yuwie that earns your cash, but what I like to call the power of compounding referrals. You only need to get a relative handful of direct referrals yourself and then they’ll go out and do the recruiting (and earning) for you.If you’re still on the fence about Yuwie, just sign up from one of the links in this message, make sure your referrer is listed as Aahz, then drop me a message at Yuwie and I’ll share some secrets on building your own referral tree!

Part of the Yuwie Series - Previous in series        Next in series

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  1. I’ve earned 2 dollars last month. 😳

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