Oct 302007

In my never ending quest to find the mythical easy money online I did a little experimenting early this month with e-gold bubble games. For those unfamiliar with bubble games, take a look at my No Fee! SPEEDY Burst bubble. Essentially, they’re pyramid schemes for online advertising –

A bubble game is basically a pool of advertisers; these advertisers are spending a set amount of money to get their site advertised. Now, you might be still wondering why it is called a bubble game. We all know that a bubble does not last forever, and it eventually is going to pop and vanish. Now, let’s relate a bubble to an advertiser’s spending. His/her advertisement is ordered in the bubble game by the date he/she spent. The advertisers in front of him are older and will eventually pop.

I decided to build a few bubbles at GoBubble.com because they’ve got the longest history of any bubble game provider I could find. I dropped about $20 on building 3 bubbles, upgrading my account, and buying a few bubbles in other users games to advertise my new games. It’s been a month now, but it didn’t take long to realize that this wasn’t exactly going to pay my bills. But GoBubble.com has a sweet little system to generate profits for themselves-

  • It costs $3.75 to set up your bubble game.
  • It then costs an additional $1.00 per month to maintain the game. If you choose not to prepay for maintenance then they charge you a $2.00 “deposit” to ensure that you’ll keep the game alive.
  • Plugins to add more functionality to your game cost $1.00 to install.
  • If you change your mind about having a plugin it costs another $1.00 to have it removed. Yes, you have to pay to stop using additional services.

Then there’s the upgrades. On the upgrade page they list (amongst other largely useless benefits) that they “will automatically put 10 active referrals in your account.” When I contacted GoBubble.com about this a few days after buying the upgrade and informed them I’d only received a single non-active referral I received the following response-

Hello Aahz,
You will get your referrals as they sign up with us. We do not have excess referrals to add all 10 at once, however you will get your 10 referrals, as there is many joining us daily that have not been refered by anyone. These will be added in as they come in.

Hope this helps,
Redneck Admin

Well, it’s been a month now and I’ve only received the single referraland they have still had zero activity since being put into my account. I sent in another ticket a few hours ago requesting a refund but (not surprisingly) have not yet heard back from them. If I don’t hear back soon I’ll have to go directly to PayPal.

Meanwhile, my GoBubble.com account has never had more than $1.65 in it and currently has a whopping $0.0165 so I can wholeheartedly assert that seeking your internet fortune via e-gold bubble games is probably not a wise choice.

11/01/07 UPDATE posted here.

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