Oct 302007

Z and I have been taking a lot more photos lately in accordance with our transfer from collecting stuff to collecting memories and experiences. I’ve been uploading the photos to the web and will be sharing more of them along with future posts. But first I needed some more photo managment and manipulation software. So when the folx over at Zoombli asked for a post about Morpheus Photo-Morpher it seemed to be a perfect fit.

This is a really cool piece of software which allows you to morph any two pictures. So if you want to see just how much your kid looks like you, or want to finally live your life-long dream of becoming Scooby Doo (as I did here) then you can finally see how it would work in mere minutes. The software’s incredibly easy to use. Once you install it it’s just a matter of loading your “before” and “after” images and setting it to render. Smoother transistions can be made by applying dots around key features in the photo, and the software allows you to alter the number of frames in the transition (to make it faster or slower), as well as altering any number of variables. My only complaint about the product is that a few of the options are difficult to find. The actual process itself is fairly intuitive, but the menus don’t seem organized exceedingly well. Still, it does a great job of morphing pics on a tight budget and I’m sure the menus can be learned in no time.

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